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Edit this page We are extremely pleased to announce a VERY HIGH QUALITY Breeding we have made for 2016, with all information on the litter found below. This is an "in house" pairing between our "Doodle" daughter Porsche, Shady Cove's Porsche VD Himmel and "Dutch", DC/2xNSTRA CH Fieldmaster's Dark Knight of Trouble

2016/2017 Breeding Number One $1,000.00

EXCELLENT outcross on 2 Line Bred parents due approximately December 7th! I am extremely proud of this Pairing! Sure to be excellent Ruffed Grouse dogs from 2 proven on Grouse, Shorthairs; as well as having the ability for a person so inclined, to Field Trial, Hunt Test and Show! 
This litter will have the 1st GSP in breed history that is a DC and a 3x NSTRA CH as a Great Grand Sire and the 2nd GSP in breed history to be a DC and a 2x NSTRA CH as a Sire!!! Really impressive ingredients!!!! This litter will be BURD DAWGS!!!!!!

I am pleased to announce that I have Bred one of my personal Gundogs "Shady Cove's Porsche VD Himmel", aka. "Porsche" to "DC/2xNSTRA CH Fieldmaster's Dark Knight of Trouble", aka. "Dutch"; with pups expected sometime in early December. The pups will reside in the house here for their first 8 weeks, until they are ready to go to their new homes; receiving lots of socialization with my daughters, people and other dogs; as well as initial bird intro's and a host of other foundation building blocks.

This should be a VERY, VERY nice litter of Shorthairs with plenty of snap, crackle and pop; an abundance of intelligence; "Full Choke" noses; lots of style with high heads and high tails and all the power, drive, bidability, natural talent and personality a person could ask for. This pairing has a VERY strong foundation showing numerous Dual Champion and Field Champion Foundation GSP's, a Dual Champion Sire and parents that have above all, proven themselves on wild birds and especially on Ruffed Grouse here in the Appalachians.

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SIRE: DC/2xNSTRA CH Fieldmaster's Dark Knight of Trouble, aka. Dutch, has 14 Field Trial placements, 4 of which are wins, with Dutch having finished his FC in a season and a half of Trials. He was Shown in Conformation previously, with finishing his FC making him a DC, but make no mistake though, he is a FIELD Dog that has proven his conformation is of the highest quality. He has been Handled and Trained by myself for his Owner, Rex Messner, in his short 2 years here. He has also been hunted on Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock, Sharptailed Grouse and Prairie Chickens. He has hunted in South Dakota, Maryland, West Virginia and additionally trained on Grouse in New Hampshire as well. He has been an exceptional Shorthair in all aspects from Ability to Personality and Trainability, with the knack of a "Burd Dawg" on Ruffed Grouse, that ultimately helped me to select him as my Sire for this pairing over other choices I had. The proof was in the pudding as they say, when he showed the knack to handle Grouse from his first introduction on and particularly are spooky Appalachian birds.
Dutch's littermate brother Ben, Dual Champion Fieldmaster's Looking for Trouble, is an accomplished Dual Champion as well, showing the consistency inherently bred into his line.

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Dutch's OFA Hips

DAM: Shady Cove's Porsche VD Himmel, aka. Porsche is one of my personal Gundogs and has been hunted VERY successfully on Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock on the steep, Grapevine covered slopes of Maryland and West Virginia. She is a very focused and business like Shorthair when hunting, that covers ground with an excellent natural pattern and misses nothing. She is extremely biddable and is as natural of a bird dog as anyone could ever hope to ask for. She loves to please me, regardless of the task I ask of her. She is also an absolute joy to have in the home, a couch potato and a bed hog IF PERMITTED. Ask me how I know!
Porsche is a pup from a breeding I did, between my painfully missed special wild bird dog Doodle and a Sire I had trained and handled to his Field Champion and Senior Hunter Titles, as well as Jen helping collect a number of his Conformation points in the ring, VC/DC Fieldman's Journeyman Jake SH

Porsche's Searchable Pedigree

Porsche's Printable Pedigree

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Porsche's OFA Hips and Elbows

Both Dutch and Porsche have been OFA'ed, Dutch is OFA "GOOD" Hips and Porsche is OFA "EXCELLENT" for Hips and OFA "NORMAL" for Elbows.

Pups are Guaranteed for Abilities, Temperament and against Genetic defects. Guarantee

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