Post Not Active Adam Humphers:
I think that your black and ticked male is a very good looking shorthiar! I just got my first black and ticked shorthair, and his markings kida look like your males :) Keep up the great work! Les Wynn:
Excellent job!  Site looks great! Dean DeMoss:
I have hunted several times w/Jane and she is a very talented and dedicated bird dog I hope people who get these pups have as much fun spending time with them and hunting as I have there mother BRIAN SHAFFER:
Chris Neal:
I have 3 shorthairs of own and always interested in other gsps. Terry Chandler/Rugerheim:
Nice web site. Texene Armstrong:
Lovely dogs!!! Jeff Garretson:
Great looking dogs!!
Nice website.
I have added you to my Favorites. When I am ready for my next GSP your kennel will be on my list.     Hermann J. Budek:
we met at Dulles airport.  you were sending off a pup. Blue Ridge Kennels:
Rich Cates:
Bruce and Jen, 

Autumn is doing great. (If I do not screw her up in her training) she is one of the most promising shorthairs I have ever worked with. She is a pleasure in the trained in under 2 weeks. Margy has a bell hanging on the ba Aaron&Shelly Clark:
Beautiful pups. sheela clark:
I love you guys Thomas Bennett:
Great looking pups Bruce! Bill:
We're Glad You found Percy in time.
Enjoyed your site. Kathy:
Great dogs & site! Lou Gleber:
Nujac Kennel
You have a very nice site here.<>< Lou Steve Broskey:
Beautiful Dogs!!! I just recently adopted a GSP. She's a little gun shy but I'm working with her.  I read your post about your lost dog and I'm glad you got it back.  Let me know if you are ever in the Pittsburgh area, I would love to see some of your dog Trevor:
I just found your site Bruce, those are some great looking dogs! Post Not Active Jay Cassetta:
Hey Bruce, I was just checking out your site again. I havenít been here for a while and as usual still is a great site. 

Post Not Active Kathy:
Steve Klein:
Looking for a new male pup.  Looks like you got some nice dogs. Michael:
Ken & Martie Temple:
Bo is doing great, unbeleivable ease of handling,on his first hunt pointed several birds, and retrieved beautifully. Rick:
Great site, have been looking for second GSP, will keep you in mind. Tom:
Friends of mine have one of your dog's and I'm looking to some day get one of your blood line bred dog's. I have been looking for a white or white back ground with liver ticking a very long time. I have seen dogs like that in your photo album. I have been watching your site looking and hoping somthing will become available. Randy:
Nice site, where are the tails? :-) John Applegate:
Love the site!I have a wonderful female GSP w/ bloodlines going back to NFC/DC Ehrlicher Abe looking for a good stud dog. For Feb.- March 07. Adam Straub:
Maggie is doing wonderful, I couldnt ask for a nicer more beautiful puppy. It has been a pleasure hunting with Percy and doing business with you. I am looking forward to many more hunts with Maggie. ED:
I got hunter april 8th and he is a great pup having alot of fun with him Ray Clark:
Top notch breeder! Cosmo is 3 months old and points and retrieves great. I could write a book on him already! Thanks alot bruce for a great GSP, Love him to death! Tim:
Saw your posts on the Upland Journal.  I have a springer spaniel and just bought a started german shorthair.  I live in the Charlottesville area of Virginia.  I too am an avid grouse hunter.  Send me an E-mail if you need a partner to chase birds with. Martin Schindel(HWA ON NAHC BB):
very nice looking pups. I am not a big bird hunter, but maybe with a dog like yours I might get into it more. Post Not Active Tim Ricketts:
very nice looking field dogs Rusty:
Birds are few and far between. Casey is doing a great job. She is showing a lot of maturity for a 20+ month puppy. Just wish we could find a few more birds. arsenault family:
great job bruce! Josh Davis:
I just got my 1st GSP from Bruce and Jen and am having a blast.I have met the parents and both are excellent in the field and in the home. Bruce and his whole family have dedicated their lives to dogs and it definitely shows.Bruce is a very knowledgable trainer and breeder who has been more than happy to answer any questions I might have. Topnotch all way around.If your looking for a great GSP  contact Bruce he has some of the finest I've ever seen. Orville D Eaves:
Presently, we have one Male and 2 female.  Son-inlaw is getting a Male out of Georgia and I am looking for that special female for myself. Randy:
I've been hunting behind an Irish setter and a Brittany for the last 6 years, but, last year my irish setter was diagnosed with a tumer on his pancreas. He did really well on the pheasents that were 'runners' and the Brittany usually found the sitters that the big guy went past.I didn't expect him to live until last spring and want to get a replacement for him next spring. Karle:
I have a Black Ticked GSP and he is one of the best hunting dogs I've seen. I came across your site searching for a hunting pal for him Scott Pipkin:
Im a member of the NAHC and have seen several of your posts on the BB over the past couple of years. As soon as we move out into the country, I will be contacting you to buy a dog. Jared Powell:
gator ksyser:
nice site,I to hunt grouse here in eastern washington with gsp pointers.Good to see you still have some birds back in that part of the country. R.:
Very informative site Les Sekut:
Jim Given:
Love your site....have a 14yr old GSP.  Will be looking for another sometime in the future, and will be back to you. Mike & Dayna Blommen:
Summer & Kara are doing great! They sure do love to prcatice Hunting, we have taken them out a couple of times. Good Job! Dennis Bailey (briarpatch):
Nice website, and been great talking with ya Joe O'Neal:
Beautiful GSPs.  I've got a 7 month old female who just loves to pheasant hunt.  Good luck during this hunting season. KEVIN COY:
Was jumping around the internet and it was so wonderful to see that many of your 'great dogs from history' are strongly represented in 1/4 of the line that begot my GSP.. a soon to be 12 Nearly solid liver roan Steve:
Nice website. I have a 3 yr. old black GSP.
Wonderful hunting and family dog. Mike:
North Dakota, land of pheasants, Hungarian partridge and sharp tail grouse Stephanie Nave King:
Hey Bruce checking out your website from your facebook page.  Great work!If I weren't so far away I would come and 'donate' some time. david:
looking for a solid liver male Doug and Heather Miller:
Mike Kibby:
Tom Gordon:
Very knowledgable, useful and helpful site. Plus the Bruce is a hell of a great guy. Wayne Hall:
Todd & Tenna Taylor:
Hey Bruce it's Todd and Tenna your dogs look awesome.  Would like to come out sometime and see them.  We now have 2 Brittany's as part of our family. Tim:
Beautifull dogs and great site.  Love the black dogs! Jerry:
Looking for a pup!! Wes:
Nice webpage! I would have loved to do some grouse hunting in WVa and MD.   JOHN LANE:
Post Not Active Post Not Active Post Not Active scott:
love your site. found it by accident while surfing for GSP info.4 GSP's share our home with us. Broch:
I own a solid black GSP, and appreciate your article on the history of the Black GSP, it's up to us educate the world on this great breeb David F. Kaleta:
Steve McCafferty:
Great speaking with you, Bruce.  Look forward to continuing our GSP search. Amy Winegardner Johnson:
Thank you for all of your help. Kylers field & Marsh kennels:
Enjoyed looking at your web page Samuel A Cole Jr:
Great website!   Enjoyed my visit.  Great info. Brent Barton:
2 ES, 1 EP, a closet GSP fan! Post Not Active Post Not Active Post Not Active Post Not Active
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