In Search of the Perfect German Shorthair

This is Trax. He is a 3 yr. old Male that is Started and ready to go hunting this Fall. He is Kennel trained, crate trained, fully house trained with all of his manners in place and is staunch and stylish on his birds. He is a natural retriever. He is a close to medium range dog who lives to work birds and has a natural quartering pattern that sweeps a cover clean. He loads, recalls(come), heels and whoas and is a very biddable, mild mannered dog that when not intent on birds, likes to be affectionate and is comfortable laying at your feet or beside you.
Proudly Owned by Larry Reid and Family, Oklahoma

Ready to break away 
Jammed up 
Got it Boss! 
Working Birds. 
On the Chaingang. Sighhhh.... 
Trax Right Side 
Trax Left Side 
Trax Rear 
Trax, the business end.