In Search of the Perfect German Shorthair
SOLD! Calvin SOLD!

Calvin is an almost 3 year old AKC Registered Male GSP, intact, Black saddled with Roan shoulders and legs. Whelped 2-14-2006 and earned his JH Title in 4 straight passes in 2007. He stands 24” and weighs approx. 50 lb.s He could easily be made ready for Senior Hunter Testing with just some Honor training and some steadiness to the shot.

Calvin is house trained and crate trained and has a very calm demeanor in the home. He has also been kept in an outside kennel, and while not as happy outside, does just fine with being kenneled.

He is Steady to Wing and points his birds at first scent from a normal range of 20-30 yards with no tendency to road in at all after establishing point and points with great intensity. He is a very hard charging Shorthair and leaves no cover or edges missed. He retrieves shot birds readily, though not always perfectly to hand. He loads into a truck readily and kennels into a dog box with a simple point of the finger and “In” command. He has been hunted on Grouse and had Grouse shot over him. In total, he has had well over 100 birds shot over him in training, in addition to the Grouse shot over him while hunting. Ready to hunt NOW!

Asking $1,500.00 and if wished, I would finish him to any higher level of training at $400.00 a month with the expectation that he would be fully broke/finished; Steady to Wing, Shot and Fall, Honoring and Force Broke to Retrieve in approx. 3 months time.

Stretching into the wind 
Initial find 
New find 200 yd.s down field 
Predator in the grass 
Gunners finally hit it