In Search of the Perfect German Shorthair
S.D. Sharpies

S.D. Sharpies & Chickens 2011. A few shots from our 2011 Training Camp in S.D. on Prairie Chickens and Sharptails in the beautiful National Grasslands. We averaged in excess of 50 birds worked by the dogs per day and by weeks end, had bagged 30+ birds over solid dog work and I logged over 3000 miles of road time, probably close to 60 hours following Shorthairs doing what they do and I don't want to know how many mile walking on foot/riding horseback behind them.

S.D. Sharpies & Chickens 2011 
Arriving N. of Pierre at Camp 
1st dog down 
Taking it all in 
1st Hunt, 1st Eve and a Score 
Dogs stretching their legs in search of birds 
Score on morning of day 2 
Gunners finally doing their job 
Jake and Wyatt 
Mixed Bag 
Gorgeous birds 
A good morn 
Another GREAT day 
Smoke on the Prairie! 
Can't get enough 
Little House on the Prairie 
Little House on the Prairie 
Happy Dog, "Gunner" 
Longggg ways away 
Favorite Dog Work 
This too comes to an end